Rap Rinse Repeat

Directed & produced by Fredrick Ford. Executive produced by Royston Crabaugh. Production by MediamakersUSA.com. Music by Allen Copeland for PacificaMusic.com. Senior Producer: Marilyn Smith. Producer: Wendy Solem. Graphics Art Director: Chris Andrews. Makeup: Erica Kauter & Chrystal Soveroski. Starring: Christopher Gamper, Royston Crabaugh, Billy Ray Church, Christine Lowe, Jeannie Sconzo, Lynn Mastio Rice and Edward Otto Zielke. Shot on location at the Christopher Stanley Salon and at Steel Gym in NYC.

Rap, Rinse, Repeat - Episode 2

Rap, Rinse, Repeat - Episode 3

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My interview for YouTube of The Grand Resort & Spa, Fort Lauderdale's largest and finest gay owned & operated men's spa resort. 33 well-appointed rooms & suites, full spa services. 

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